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Dubai City Break United Arab Emirates
from $97971$
room / 4 nights
Maldives Holiday Indian Ocean
from $178497$
room / 7 nights
Corfu Holiday Greece
from $84469$
room / 7 nights
Zakynthos Holiday Greece
from $72799$
room / 7 nights
Paris City Break France
from $38302$
room / 3 nights
Tenerife Holiday Spain
from $55839$
room / 7 nights
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Safraya is your easy and affordable way to travel.  You can book directly online or have an agent help you.  You can pay online by credit card or offline by cash or bank transfer.  Payment in installments is possible. 

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  • Samya
    We used Epilgrim for booking my travel to Switzerland and Italy, and they were very professional and paid attention to every detail. My trip was very organized and when we had a late arrival and an overbooking problem in one of the hotels, they were available in the middle of the night and solved my problem. I recommend them highly and would advise all my friends and relatives to use them. Thank you Epilgrim, and good luck with the new website
  • Nisreen
    Safraya booked our tour to Spain and Portugal. We contacted many travel agents before contacting them, and none of them could arrange our custom tour. They booked us the best and cheapest flights, booked our hotels in Barcelona, and arranged daily tours in Barcelona. We then flew to Malaga, where we toured all of al-Andalus. Then we flew to Porto city in Portugal and also had our tours arranged by Safraya. They were very professional and we loved the program, it was well organized and we had a very nice trip, exactly as per our request.
  • Mohammad
    My friends and I booked our Spanish League football tickets last year from Epilgrim. The game was Barca vs Real Madrid. Exactly as they told us, the tickets were delivered to us electronically they were the exact seats we wanted, and we had a great time. Next time you want to book football tickets in Barcelona, Manchester or anywhere else, only book them through epilgrim. Now you can book them directly on their website and if you need any help, you can still call their office and they will help you.
اجمل الذكريات مع امستردام ألمانيا، هولندا، تشيك
ابتداء من $594$
للشخص / 6 أيام
تعبيرات أندلسية مع مدريد اسبانيا
ابتداء من $653$
للشخص / 5 أيام
من امستردام الى باريس هولندا، فرنسا
ابتداء من $675$
للشخص / 6 أيام